As winter fast approaches, we can’t help but loathe the outcome that the colder weather has on our skin. Not only do the dull and gloomy days put a damper on our mood, it can even leave our skin feeling super dry or inflamed with those dreaded chapped lips… It’s super important to take extra care of your skin throughout the colder months in order to maintain a hydrated, fresh, healthy glow. Winter near? Never fear, because we’ve put together our top 10 tips to save your skin this chilly season.


Although the temperature is much lower in winter than summer, this doesn’t mean you should cut back on your water intake. We all know just how important drinking an adequate amount of water daily is, not just for our bodies, but for our skin too. Drinking approximately eight glasses of water daily is the minimum we should be drinking to sufficiently hydrate our bodies. Always ensure you’re drinking enough water daily to maintain the hydration of your skin from within.


Just because you can’t see or feel the sun, doesn’t mean you should neglect wearing SPF! Even throughout winter, the UV rays are still harsh enough to cause damage to our skin. This is why it’s super important to ensure you are always wearing SPF, even throughout all seasons of the year.


This is a BIG no no! During the colder months our skin is super sensitive which is why it’s crucial to ensure the products you are using on your skin and free from harsh chemicals, toxins and especially fragrances and alcohol. Avoid harsh cleansers at all costs as these types of cleansers will only aggravate your skin and dry it out further. The Domeni Fresh Faced Facial Cleanser is super gentle, 100% natural and is ideal for all skin types, all seasons of the year.


By incorporating Omega 3 into your diet, you can reap a number of health benefits, with improved skin being at the top of the list. Studies reveal that Omega 3 fatty acids can assist with sun damage, acne and can lead to an increase in skin hydration. For healthy, glowing skin in winter, ensure to take omega 3 supplements.


Did you know that by adding Kale into your diet, you not only will improve your health from within, but Kale also has the power to leave you with radiant skin. Kale is rich in vitamins C & E which both lead to healthier, brighter skin. If you want to maintain a luminous glow throughout winter, ensure to add kale into your diet.


By depriving yourself of sleep, you could see an increase in inflammation of your skin or even an increase in acne. While we sleep our skin produces more collagen so a poor sleeping regime can also lead to faster skin aging. Want to avoid this? It’s simple! Make sure you have enough sleep every night and you’ll maintain a healthy glow, even through winter.


During winter, our skin is constantly exposed to alternating temperatures. From freezing cold weather outside to artificial heat indoors, this can have a great impact on our skin, stripping it of its natural oils, causing it to dry out. Investing in a humidifier will help to increase the air hydration levels, ensuring your skin stays full of moisture.


Exfoliating is the key to maintaining softer, smoother skin. When we exfoliate, we remove dead skin, unclog our pores, stimulate collagen and allow other skincare products to penetrate deeper. Exfoliating should be a high priority in any skin care routine, especially during winter. Exfoli-Date is made from all-natural ingredients and is a gentle exfoliator which leaves your skin glowing instantly.


Although some of us tend to neglect exercise during the colder months, staying active can help keep both your body and your skin in shape. Exercise increases our circulation, leading to a higher pulse and a beautiful glow. Next time you contemplate skipping a gym session on a cold, winters day, think about the immense benefit it will have on your skin.


A good night-time skin routine might just be your skin saviour throughout the winter period. During the colder months, we tend to indulge in super warm showers which although feel great at the time, aren’t beneficial for our skin. Ensure to keep your water temperature to lukewarm. After cleansing, use a good night serum, moisturiser and eye cream. This will maintain the moisture of your skin throughout the night. For the ultimate night-time skin routine, use Domeni’s Triple Threat Serum, Beauty Sleep Night Cream and Eye-Drate Eye Cream

Even throughout the colder months of the year you can still maintain a luminous healthy glow when you take proper care of your skin. By following our 10 skincare tips, you can ensure your skin has all it needs to brave the winter chill. Shop the Domeni range of 100% natural, organic skincare products to level up your skincare routine this winter.